After opening “ATHENESSA LA GALLERY” our new contemporary art gallery in Los Angeles,  we are very pleased to announce the birth of “ATHENESSA LA FACTORY” our online platform for affordable art!
Fine Art Prints, Original Artworks, Photographs, Apparel, Collector Games and many more amazing products ... prices ranging from $35 to $3500.
We want you to be able to shop affordable art from renowned artists such as Aurèle Lostdog, Artiste Ouvrier, Virginie Caillet, Kyra Etskoy, Dennis Muraguri, Tristam, Vuk Vidor, Pierre Ziegler, Zeto ...
Each artwork has been hand picked by Athenessa LA Gallery Curator, VANESSA VIRAG and we are updating our inventory on a regular basis.
Gallery pick up is available for most of our artworks and we ship worldwide !